Jumbo 320 Xenon

Jumbo 320 Xenon Lamp

wrench.pngJumbo 320 Xenon Mounting Instructions

Ideal for:
• Large applications
• Extreme terrain

• Innovative clear lens design and modern rectangular shape
• Long-range, powerful illumination that resembles daylight
• Magnesium free-form reflector
• 6 LEDs for position light function

• Voltage: 12V
Beam Pattern: Driving
• Light Source:
D2S Xenon capsule
Ballast Unit: External Ballast - Gen 4
Power Consumption: 35W
Housing Material: Polycarbonate
Optics: Reflector
• Lens Material:
Connection: Wire Harness with connector
•  Mounting
Bracket: Plastic
• Approval: ECE

• Upright
• Pendant

• Xenon

Single Lamp includes:
• (1) Jumbo 320 Xenon Lamp
• (1) Xenon Capsule
• (1) Xenon Ballast
• (1) Wiring Harness
• Universal Mounting Hardware
• Step-by-Step Mounting Instructions

Part Numbers:

Jumbo 320 Xenon Driving Lamp with LED Position Lamp H12773021


White Stone Shield 160353001
Smoked Cover H87988161
Clear Cover H87988151
Holder - 2 point mount (pair) 116741801
Wiring Harness - High Performance (single lamp) 149147001

Spare Parts:

D2S 35W Xenon Capsule H83075001
Xenon Ballast Unit - 12V Gen 4 H51855001
Lens/Reflector Unit - Jumbo 320 Xenon Driving Beam (Special Order) 161576011


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